19 years old, stuck in Oklahoma

Monday, July 4, 2011

Walgreens and Cvs July 4, 2011

Prices are mostly AFTER coupons

(2) arm & hammers - $2.50 ea
(2) walgreens brand plastic bags - $.99 ea
(2) walgreens brand pantiliners, B1g1 - $.99 cents for both
(4) snickers candies - $2 for all
johnson's first aid kit, clearance - $.99
lindsay green olives, $.99
gilette fusion proglide (retail $10), used $4 off coupon got $5 RR - final cost $1
curad elmo bandaids, $.50
veet wax strips, $.99
2 oral-b toothbrushes, free
colgate toothpaste, $.25

total spent - $14
total saved - over $40!

trip to cvs:

(2) seattle's best iced lattes FREE
(2) carefree samples + (2) coupons - $.02
always pads - $1
dawn dish liquid - $.75
sobe life water B1G1 - $1.50 for both
oral-b toothbrush - $.99 cents
puff tissues $.99 cents
total spent - $6.30 PLUS a $2 ECB to use next trip

2nd trip to walgreens-
walgreens brand pads B1G1 - $2.99 for both
sunscreen - $.75
glee stickers (not pictured) - $.25
total spent - $4.30

Friday, January 7, 2011

Christmas 2010

-ipod touch
-bunch of hello kitty items: water dispenser, socks, notebooks, keychains
-new pajamas from madison
-harajuku lovers perfume+notebook
-britney spears fantasy perfume
-harry potter lego years 1-4 wii game
-betsey johnson socks
-itunes giftcard $15
and a few more misc items

Thursday, May 13, 2010


We left Oklahoma at 3PM on a non-stop flight to orlando florida

(Me & Jessica at the airport)

We waited in a longggg line just to check in at the hotel (The Dolphin)!

Me infront of the fountain in the hotel lobby the next day

Of course, I ordered room service..uh..once or twice or three times :)

We went down to the General Marketplace (people sell t-shirts, colleges are there, people running for international office..etc, etc)

And then we went to the General Session where the best part of the whole convention - Rachel Maddow was a speaker!

We also went to downtown disney a few times

And of course, Disney World (until 2am!)

And arrived home (after two flights, stop over in Dallas, Texas!) around 12PM where I got home to meet the newest addition to our family:

Baby Doll the almost tea-cup long haired deer-head chihuahua ;)

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines Day Party (aka "get together") ;)

Yesterday, feb 13th at 9pm was Rosalind's get together at her apartment. I was responsible for desserts (and apparently so was everyone else..we had way too many!) so I made chocolate cover pretzels (vanilla), sugar cookies, and cupcakes! Madison also pitched in ;)

We got to Rosalind's place at about 8:30 - a few people were already there. At around 9ish we went off to get the pizza.

Everyone watched Wolverine (...boring) for a little while and we played Taboo! At around 10ish we decided to bust open the pinanta~

We all took a swing at it...

and busted that sucker open!

After the excitement, we all headed back inside. Rosalind headed out her goodie bags & cards and Adriana gave out her cards. We (I) decided we should take some photos ;)

*btw = the top is from target but thrifted from goodwill yay $5 (necklace = $.25 at a garge sale)

Headed home about 12:30AM! overall had a very good night and we're all planning to do more get togethers in the future ^^

since today is now sunday...

Friday, January 29, 2010

and they wanted me to come into work today

Oklahoma was hit by a winter storm, thus, 4-6 inches of snow:

So, I decided to call in to work (hello, can't get out of my driveway) and bake brownies

While Pepito & Lucky lounged around...

My mom had surgery for her breast cancer on Thursday. She's recovering from the surgery and today feeling much better. The surgery itself went well and we will find out the results Tuesday/Wednesday. We're all hoping for the best!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

all this time we were waiting for each other


Today (January 21, 2010) Supernatural returns!! I am ecstatic. I've been having marathons at a friends house and we've made it through season 1 and half way through season two. I ordered season 3 through walmart.com for $22, so that'll be next.

Preview for tonights episode:


Saturday, January 16, 2010

my day

Adam Lambert is great. I love that he loves Tokio Hotel too. I'm thinking of buying his CD..not sure whether to buy it at Target or just use my itunes giftcard.

Today was actually productive, I didn't get up til 2PM but still got my room cleaned, did some dishes, vacuumed. Signed up for ebates , basically they give you money back for ordering from certain cites. I bought a 12 month year long subscription to seventeen magazine for $10 from http://www.magazines.com/ so I will get $2 back from ebates, on top of the $5 I got just for signing up.

Sign up for ebates!

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